How to Wipe Cache Partition on LG V20

Learn how to wipe out cache partition on LG V20 that will help to solve some problems on the phone that makes it not work correctly without have to worry for erasing any important data and files from the phone.

Wipe out cache partition is a simple action that can help to solve some problem that occurs to an Android device such as LG V20. Unlike master reset or factory reset, this action won’t erase any data or files from the phone. It merely erases cache data that was stored in the phone system.

How to Wipe Cache Partition on LG V20

Cache data itself was built by the system to help it work faster and more efficient. But when it was corrupted, it will disturb phone performance. The easiest way to deal with it is by wipe it all out so the system will build a new one that was uncorrupted and of course frees of problem.

Wipe Cache Partition on LG V20

The question is how to wipe cache partition on LG V20? Well, it was easy, just follow the guide below and it will be done in just minutes:

  1. Go to “Settings” app on your phone.
  2. Tap “General > Storage” (If using List view, scroll down to “DEVICE” and tap “Storage”)
  3. The phone will calculate the amount of storage of each partition.
  4. When it finished, tap “Cached data” and then tap “YES” to confirm the action.
  5. It will start to clear cache data and it may take a while depend on the amount of stored cache.
  6. When the process is completed, the cache data is no longer appearing and it means that the process is success.

With the wipe cache has been clear out; the problem should be solved right away. The phone will build new cache data again and user can clear them out from time to time. It will help to prevent any problem in the future and in the same time help refresh the system to bring out the best from it.

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