How to Fix Wi-Fi Won’t Connect Problem on Moto Z Droid

The solutions of Wi-Fi won’t connect problem on Motorola Moto Z Droid is available where you can apply it right away and have the Wi-Fi connection on your phone work stabile from now on.

The problem with Wi-Fi connection on Moto Z Droid may happen any time and it is a very disturbing issue especially for those who use Wi-Fi connection a lot. If you are having this issue, where the Wi-Fi connection you have in there won’t connect or it have problem to maintain stable connection, then you need to do something.

Wi-Fi Won’t Connect Problem on Moto Z Droid

Motorola Moto Z Droid Wi-Fi Problem

Right here, there are several solutions for this problem that you can try and hopefully it will solve this issue right away:

  1. Turn off bluetooth because somehow this connected to Wi-Fi issue. Or, switch you Wi-Fi connection to 5GHz option.
  2. Try to turn the Wi-Fi feature off and then on, or try to turn off and on the phone itself. You also can try to do the same thing with the router.
  3. Forget the troubled network from Settings > Wi-Fi. After that, connect to that same network once again to start the whole thing.
  4. Better yet, forget or reset the entire network setting from Settings > Backup & Reset > Reset Network Setting > Reset Setting, and start it all over again.
  5. Make sure that Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep is set to Always on Settings > Wi-Fi > More > Advanced.
  6. Change the channel that you use, just in case you use a crowded channel. Find the instruction on how to change the channel from your ISP or router manufacturer.

Get the latest update just in case the problem is software related and Motorola has included the fix in their latest update. For the same reason, you also can check the router manufactures, and get the latest firmware update.

Your last resort is to perform factory reset on your Moto Z Droid, go to Setting > Backup & reset > Factory data reset > Reset phone. It will bring your phone to its original setting. Just make sure you had your data back up before doing this. One of those solutions should be able to solve this issue and hopefully it won’t bother you anymore.

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