What To Do With Moto G “problem parsing the package” Message

Some Moto G users encountered the annoying message that reads “There is a problem parsing the package“. This is usually related to app installation in your Moto G.

To install an app from alternative sources other than Google Play, the common way is by accessing Settings > Security to tick the box for Unknown sources. When doing this, do not forget to untick the Verify apps box.

What To Do With Moto G "problem parsing the package" Message

There have been a lot of Motorola Moto G users that reported that even with the steps above done correctly, they still encounter a parse error message.

How to fix “There is a problem parsing the package” message:

Try uploading the APK into google drive, then install the app you want from there. This indirect installation trick should work well on your Moto G.

Check if your Moto G is rooted and if it is, try using ES File Explorer. You can do it by going into Settings > App manager then check the install APK automatically box. The app will resolve the problem by handling it for you.

Resetting your phone is also a recommended trick to solve this problem entirely. It is important that you have back up all the important data on your Moto G. How do you reset your Moto G?.

Go to Settings > Backup & Reset > Factory Data Reset > Reset Phone. Once you have make sure that everything is done properly, you may try to set up the device again. This time, uncheck the security options.

Some users report that resetting phone like the step above works like a charm, but a few have to try it for a few times before getting the parsing problem handled totally. If you have tried back-upping and resetting your phone to no avail the first time, you may want to try doing it a few more times to have the problem permanently solved.

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