VPN on Android and Why You Need it?

VPN is a service that can help you to protect your phone from any harm that may appear when you use your phone online. It stands for Virtual Private Network (VPN) and it is a service that provides a secure internet connection that can protect your device from any potential danger from internet connection.

You can use it to enable the security and privacy on your internet connection. You can get those features by downloading and installing the VPN app then select location until you can see your online activity will appear to be taking place in that region on your phone.

VPN on Android and Why You Need it?

You need this VPN feature to increase your internet connection privacy. It can encrypt data to protect your online activity and control the information gathered by the companies or government from you. You also need this VPN when you access the coffee shop Wi-Fi network because the connection of it is not secure.

In short, VPN is a service that can help you to protect your online privacy by logging in your activity online in many places, many services, and make it less visible to others. You can use it to access video streaming websites that usually cannot be accessed while you are abroad. It also can help you avoid price discrimination when you successfully masking your location and you are not tracked.

VPN is legal to be used in most of western territories from US, UK, and Europe. This can help the businesses, schools and universities to access their resources although they are not on the premises. However, it is illegal to be used in other countries like China, North Korea, and Iran.

It is also illegal when it used for certain purposes. For example, for some streaming services, it is illegal to change the IP location in order to watch content that only available in other regions. That is why, it is important to check the terms of conditions of streaming services before you use a VPN to access it.

There are some issues tell that a VPN app can adjust your browsing or download speed and offers a complete anonymity. However, a VPN app cannot adjust your browsing or download speed because it needs to re-routing your connection instead, and need more time. It also cannot gives you complete anonymity but it just can help you to gain a more private connection.

Wrapping Up

Besides the VPN cost that range between US$5 and $15 per month, there is no other burden while you use it, although may you just use internet connection at your home or at a same location. You can use it to enable the security and privacy on your device because you use internet connections on your smartphone at many places.

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