USB Charging Port Moisture Warning on Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge

How to fix USB charging port moisture warning on Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge – Samsung Galaxy S7 and its brother Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge are water resistant. Both devices that was introduced in early 2016 and Samsung claimed that both of it were IP68 certified.

IP68 certified means that the devices are dust tight and protected against water even though it was submerged continuously in water. Moreover, Samsung claimed that Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge are very capable to use in the shower, under the rain or even in the pool in a depth of 1.5 meters for 30 minutes. That is really quite a feature.

USB Charging Port Moisture Warning on Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge

Is this feature really work? In fact it is, but the problem here is not about the capability of the devices to stand against water, but more on its charging process. When the owner wants to charge their device through USB port, a problem may happen. If the device detect there is moisture in charging port, then it won’t charge the phone. The owner needs to dry it up before they can charge it.

An alert message will pop up saying “Moisture has been detected. Make sure the charger/USB port is completely dry before charging your phone” and the device wont charge. What people need to realize here is that even though Galaxy S7 are IP8 certified or water resistant, the area in charging port is not covered and water may enter it.

Samsung has incorporated moisture sensor in the charging port to prevent any charging process while there is water in it that could lead to short circuits that could lead to phone damage.

This is also a preventive action that was taken by Samsung to prevent corrosion. Corrosion may cause future problem such as non function charging port or other serious issue. So basically, the new moisture sensor is a very welcome addition in the device.

So, how do people deal with it, since sooner or later they have to charge their phone? How to fix USB charging port moisture warning on Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge:

  1. Let the moisture dry out naturally. Just leave the charging port for 1 to 2 hours where it will evaporate and people can charge it like they used to.
  2. Wipe the device with clean and soft cloth after it has been exposed to water. This will help to prevent any moisture to get inside the phone.
  3. Shake the device gently to remove any excess water that may already seep into it.
  4. Blow the USB charging port to help remove any moisture faster.
  5. Placed the device in a rice box. Rice will help to absorb the moisture from the phone.

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In most cases, the problem will go away and people can charge their Galaxy S7 normally. If they want to, they can use wireless charging to charge their phone because so far there has been no report that this charging capability is not affected by the same issue.

But still common senses talk, it will be better to not keep wet device on a charging pad because water and electricity is not something that people want to unite. With proper cleaning, drying and waiting time, the charging process is good to go and people can use their phone back.



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