Tracfone Unimax U671C MAXPatriot User Manual

Tracfone Unimax U671C MAXPatriot User Manual will help you to understand more about your phone. Sometime when we buy phone, we don’t understand all things because the seller will not tell you all things.

In order to use your phone in correct way, you need to read guidance or tutorials very carefully. You don’t need to worry because in user manual you will get some important information about Unimax U671 MAXPatriot. What you can get and learn then?

Tracfone Unimax U671C MAXPatriot User Manual

Tutorials for Unimax U671C MAXPatriot

You don’t need to worry when you don’t know how to use this phone. You just need to click Tracfone Unimax U671C MAXPatriot User Manual and then you will find guidance for getting started this phone, calls people that you know, send message to other contacts, use the camera of this phone, how to record all moments with camcorder and some other tutorials.

For all of you who have hobby listen to the music, you don’t need to worry because this phone offers you Mp3 player feature. You can read how to use MP3 player in the tutorial too.

You still can get information about how to use Multimedia, Maps, Email, Bluetooth and some other features inside of this phone. It is better for you to read all things carefully and then start to practice.

You will be able to use your phone and master your phone when you always practice how to use some features inside of your phone. For all of you who don’t know about this phone, it is better for you to learn more features inside of this phone first and specifications of this phone.

Specs and Features of Unimax U671C MAXPatriot

Tracfone Unimax U671C MAXPatriot Phone Overview
Tracfone Unimax U671C MAXPatriot Phone Overview

Unimax U671C MAXPatriot is made with Lithium ion battery. The size of this phone is 4.8 inches x 2.46 inches x 0.41 inches. By using this battery type, this phone can be used in standby mode up to 8 days and you can use to call people up to 7 hours.

The weight of this phone is 4.59 ounces. What are some features that offered to you then? You will get 3G and also Wifi connectivity. It means you can browse all things from all places in easy way.

There is 5 MP camera and it produces great images for you. There is video recorder than you can use to capture all things that you face every day. If you need alarm feature you don’t need to worry because there is alarm clock for you. This phone is supported with android 4.1.2 that will make your job becomes easier with this phone.

You can share all files by using bluetooth. There are some other features that you can find in this phone such as instant messaging, handsfree speaker, GPS enabled, caller ID, email, hearing aid compatible, MP3 player and some other features.

When you access Tracfone, you don’t need to worry because all tutorials and user guides for your phone will be found in easy way. You can start use your phone correctly.

You can avoid making mistakes or making your phone in dangerous condition. You can start to read Tracfone Unimax U671C MAXPatriot User Manual. Tracfone Unimax U671C MAXPatriot User Manual: Download

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  1. every time I touch the screen a message pops up saying unfortunately google search has stopped. I have my wifi off and never use google on my phone. any ideas???
    thank you

  2. I am disappointed the owner’s manual to this phone doesn’t even have basic instructions that include what to touch just to answer the ringing phone. And how do you check for missed calls? This is my first touchscreen phone and these very basic things are boggling me.

  3. Hello,

    I have had the Unimax Max Bravo model U671C for several months. For some reason the battery was becoming discharged. Eventually the battery gave out. It no longer accepted a charge. I contacted 13 different on line cell phone battery sales company and 2 retail cell phone stores over a period of two weeks. Not one of the “stores” was able to supply me with the correct battery. I eventually purchased a Unimax Max Patriot U671C. Could you please contact me via email and let me know where the batteries could be purchased ?

    • Two things come to my mind as far as finding the right battery for your phone. I haven’t needed to replace mine yet, so I don’t have first hand experience. But I would look into since they seem to have almost anything you would want on their site. I would also chat with someone from tracfone on their site and see what they suggest. They have instant messaging available and have helped me before. Good luck!

  4. Hi… I have had my U671C for about a year now. This phone is perfect for me because I do not use it a lot and do not receive a lot of calls. The biggest problem is that on the other end of the phone is lots of clicking and noise. I do not hear it..the person on the other end does. I need a new phone or is this possible to fix. Can you please give me a phone name/number thats comparable to the U671C or give me a number to call. Thank you much.

  5. Hey there, was wondering if you guys knew where to find a replacement battery (new) I just can’t find one anywhere :P many thx for a replay ^-^


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