Tracfone Samsung S766C Galaxy Stardust User Manual

Samsung S766C Galaxy Stardust will help you to communicate better with your family and friends since it has numerous features and excellent specs. Some of the features are bluetooth, 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity, multimedia messaging, e-mail, instant messaging, GPS enabled, gravity sensor, multitasking, and handsfree speaker.

For those who love capturing the moments, this mobile phone offer you better camera compared to its contenders. It has a 5 MP camera that provides you with clear and colourful image.

Tracfone Samsung S766C Galaxy Stardust User Manual

This mobile phone has Android 4.3 operating system. You do not need to charge this mobile phone every day. It has 11.5 days standby time and 12 hours talk time. Along with this mobile phone, lithium-ion battery and AC adapter are included along with the package.

Samsung S766C Galaxy Stardust User Manual

If you need assistance in operating Samsung S766C Galaxy Stardust, you must read its manual user. The Tracfone Samsung S766C Galaxy Stardust User Manual will really help you in using this mobile phone. This manual contains everything you need to know to use this Galaxy Stardust.

The manual provides you with step by step guide that is easy to understand. Reading this manual will surely help you in operating this mobile phone without causing errors. The manual also offers you some simple solutions for certain problems.

If you need to understand more about Samsung S766C Galaxy Stardust, you can download the manual in e-book version. Downloading this document is free so that you do not need to worry about the cost. Getting this manual is easy.

All you need to do is click the button available on this website and save the PDF document on your phone memory. Once you download it, you can access it anytime you need to learn more about this mobile phone. Having this e-book manual user is very handy especially if you do not want to search for the copy of the manual.

The content of Samsung S766C Galaxy Stardust user manual

Tracfone Samsung S766C Galaxy Stardust Back Cover
Tracfone Samsung S766C Galaxy Stardust Back Cover

S766C Galaxy Stardust user manual is quite thick. It is almost 200-page thick. It may cause you to feel discouraged in reading it. However, downloading the e-book one will enable you to jump only to the page you need to read. In this manual, you will find various contents on various topics.

One of them is about basic knowledge about this mobile phone. It covers various aspects such as status bar, notification panel, and home screen. Before you jump to the screen navigation pages, you may need to read the ‘getting started’ section on the previous pages. This section covers many aspects such as assembling the mobile phone, charging the battery, setting Google account, and many others.

In order to help you use this Galaxy Stardust maximally, this user manual offer you complete guide on applications. Reading this section will enable you to operate the camera, voice recorder, music player, and other features in this phone.

Unfortunately, you cannot find safety tips and SAR value of the Samsung S766C Galaxy Stardust in this user manual. Tracfone Samsung S766C Galaxy Stardust User Manual: Download

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  1. On my old TracFone (not smart phone) I used to be able to retrieve messages from my home phone by entering a 3 a numbered code while my home phone was playing the recorded message. I was then able to listen to any recorded message left on home phone. Why can’t I do that with my smart phone now? Cant seem to find answers in my booklets. Thanks


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