Tips on How to Extend Motorola Moto G (2015) Battery Life

How to extend Motorola Moto G (2015) battery life can be the real question for every user of Moto G. Talking about the battery life, Moto G is pretty satisfying since the battery life of the device is quite long.

However, you need to know how to extend Motorola Moto G (2015) battery life still so that you will be no longer bothered by the notification of low battery since you are in need of using the device. Below are several tips about it:

How to Extend Motorola Moto G (2015) Battery Life

1. Set Up the Low Brightness

The brighter the screen, the more quickly the battery runs out. That is why if you want a longer battery life, set up the brightness to low or medium. Do not make the screen brightness to bright because it can be problematic both for the battery and for your eyes as well.

2. Turn on Airplane Mode

One of the things that drain the battery so quickly is when the smartphone is trying to get some signals. That is why when you are in places that appear to have problem of getting signal such as basement, remote area, mountain area, and many more, try to put your smart phone into the airplane mode.

Airplane mode will literally stop the smartphone from any signal gaining activity. However, of course you know that when the smartphone is in airplane mode, you will not be able to make any calls, sends any text, and connect to the internet. Turn off the airplane mode only when you are really in urgent situation that you have to make calls, send texts, or use the internet.

3. Screen Time Out

Set the screen time out in your smart phone for 15 seconds or 30 seconds only. Screen time out will automatically turn off the screen when the smart phone is not being used for the certain amount of time that is set.

By choosing 15 seconds or 30 seconds, you will save a lot of battery life since the screen will turned off quicker. Do not forget to always press the power button to turn off the screen immediately after you are done using the phone as well.

4. Turn off GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth

GPS drains your battery. That is why when you are not in urgent to use the GPS, turn off the feature. It will save more battery and your device will have longer battery life for sure. It happens the exact same way to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

When you are not using Wi-Fi, make sure that your Wi-Fi is turned off. Keeping the Wi-Fi on while you are not in the area covered by Wi-Fi will drain the battery since the device is keep on trying to locate Wi-Fi connection.

Bluetooth also needs to be turned off if not in use because same as Wi-Fi, the smartphone will keep looking for Bluetooth connections if the Bluetooth is on. Turning off all three of them will be one of the ways of how to extend Motorola Moto G (2015) battery life.

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