Stop the Rattling Noise From Motorola Moto G

Harmless as it sounds, a rattle on your Moto G will probably annoy every users. Imagine hearing a sound as you walk, it will surely not be a pleasurable thing to listen to. This complaint seems to appears more and more nowadays, and not just on Moto G alone.

Other top brands also seeing similar sound problem when the vibration goes off or whenever the phone is shaken. There is also a link to how the keyboard placement that is rather tactile. Another likely cause? Perhaps a loose button.

How to Stop the Rattling Noise From Moto G

The sound ranges from tiny rattle to rather obvious one. Again, this problem does not affect the overall function but yes it is not a welcoming sound to everyone. Fortunately, there is a fix for this and quite easy too.

How to Stop the Rattling Noise From Moto G

Go to Settings > Sound and locate the vibration option. Turn off Vibrate on touch which is just right under Keys. Another option you can try is to turn off Vibrate when ringing. You can also try this step: Settings > Language & input > Google Keyboard Settings and turn off Vibrate on keypress feature.

Not just an accessories for this particular case, getting a nice case for your Moto G can potentially reduce the sound. It may even completely bring it down to none as well as stopping any possible future rattle.

This is another easy alternative that you can try. Get a small piece of paper or tape and place it between the buttons and the back covers. You may fold it to the right thickness to reduce the rattling sound. The method usually works with many other phones and can stop excessive unwanted rattle.

Check if there is an option to replace the phone from where you purchased the phone. Contact your retailer and get another Moto G, just be sure to test it around for rattling sound. Once you bring it home, hopefully the sound won’t follow you this time.

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