Some of Best Alternatives for Google Play Store

It is very easy to get many interesting apps or the latest apps for your Android through a one stop destination online called Google Play. Unfortunately, there will be some occasions that you cannot access it for several reasons.

For example, you cannot get a certain app because that app is not available in your country due to out of some requirements or not localized for your region.

Some of Best Alternatives for Google Play Store

There is also a possibility that you cannot get a certain app because the App Developer is doing a staged roll out so you cannot access it at that time although may be some others can access it.

However, this problem is not really a matter for you because you still can get some options to get the certain apps that you cannot access from Google Play. There are many secondary marketplaces where you can access some apps that cannot be accessed at Google Play Store.

Android offers many places to try any Android apps as it has large numbers of user base and diversity in the ecosystem. Moreover, at the alternatives of Google Play, there are possibilities that you can find some premium apps for free while those may not free at Google play.

You need to allow installation from those alternative app stores before you can access them. To set up your device so that it can allow installation of third party app, please start by going into Settings, then please scroll down to Security and you can enable Unknown Sources available there.

The Benefits of Using the Google Play Alternatives

There are many benefits of using the alternatives for Google Play or the third party App Stores. When you install the third party app stores, you can have more various types of apps that you can choose and download.

While using third party app stores, there will be possibilities that you can download some apps which are not available in your country if you access it at Google Play store.

You also can find many new things that make you interested and try them. Because of discounts, you also can get premium apps or paid apps for free or occasionally the great deals on them. So, it is useful for you to know some of top Google Play store alternatives.

1. Amazon Appstore for Android

Amazon Appstore for Android

Amazon Appstore for Android is a kind of third party app store that quite popular as Google Play store, where on Kindles and the Fire phone it is the primary app store that usually used.

You can get a lot of paid apps and in-app items for free via Amazon Underground app that recently introduced by Amazon Appstore. You can also get some paid apps for free via Actually Free Apps of the Week sections.

The downloading and installation app are quite simple because it is similar with the process of Google Play Store download and installation. So there is no reason for you to not visit the Amazon Appstore for Android.

2. GetJar Open App Store

GetJar Open App Store

GetJar is already popular for people who own a J2ME o2 Symbian based devices. It is included as the preceding app store among other latest app stores that available.

Although you can use GetJar through the web interface, you can also access it from the official GetJar App that quite well organized. However, the apps may not always up to date.

Overall, the app experience is decent as the app looks like it relying on the older Android APIs. The downloading and installation process are quite simple but looks outdated for latest Android version.

3. AppBrain Android Market

AppBrain Android market

As one of third party app stores, AppBrain is the alternative choice for you who want to find premium apps for free. This Google Play Store alternative provides many premium apps for free and it usually available at certain limited time.

You can use an app or a website to access the catalog from AppBrain. On the installation of the app, it will ask you to choose whether you want to track the installed apps to offers updates or not, so you can have full control over the apps that you are using.

4. Aptoide


Aptoide is one of third party app stores that popular among Google Play users. Aptoide has clean interfaces both on the app and the website and it almost the best on visual standards and UX among others.

It is designed as great as Google standards and as good as Play Store in its usage. This app is visually really looks like the Google Play Store as the tabs and the categories are really similar.

5. Mobogenie Android Market

Mobogenie Android Market

You can find Mobogenie as a professional looking app store and houses a file manager to organize downloads like wallpapers, videos, or others.

It market features many apps which can be found in the Google Play, but claim itself has an intelligent recommendation system to suggest the best apps for you.

6. SlideME


SlideME is one of third party app stores that founded in 2008 at Seattle, Washington. It offers many free and paid Android apps like any other third party app stores. However, SlideME is quite different as the apps offered are already rated by many users and tested then have been manually approved.

Moreover, the apps from SlideME could be filtered according to some options like the newest, updated, popularity, rating or based on categories like entertainment, education, productivity and many more.


Those are some Google Play Store alternatives that you can try to find the apps you interested in. Those third party app stores are quite secure and experienced as good as Google Play, although the careful attitude is still a must for the safety of your device.

You do not need to take the risk if you already know that a certain app is harmful for your device by uninstall it from your device.

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