Is it Possible to Set Up Group Play on Samsung Galaxy S6?

Group Play is a groundbreaking feature Samsung introduces along with its Galaxy S4 model. Group Play provides smartphone users with a new approach to perform many networking activities. This new feature not only simplifies the way people share their files, but also enhances it.

Before Group Play, people share their pictures, music and videos using Bluetooth. They can also use a shared Wi-Fi network, though this means they have to connect their smartphones to the same network before they can share their files. With Group Play, this complicated process is no longer necessary.

Group Play simplifies this sharing activity by allowing one phone to be a group leader. As a group leader, it determines what can be shared in the group, which can be just about everything. Any phones that join the group can immediately share their files without having to connect/reconnect to a network.

How to Setup Group Play on Samsung Galaxy S6

Group Play enhances it by making this sharing activity more engaging. With Group Play, playing games on a network will be easier to do and more seamless. The group leader can also have full control of all smartphones in its group. This great function is useful—for instance—when playing music. The leader can decide which phone must be the rear speaker, left speaker, right speaker, and front speaker. When everything is set, the music can be played simultaneously in real time in a real surround sound environment.

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Sadly, Group Play is only available in the Galaxy S4. Consumers who are using Galaxy S5 and Galaxy S6/S6 Edge will apparently have to miss this feature. However, will such shortcoming be a good reason for them to miss the big upgrade?

Is It Possible to Set up Group Play on Samsung Galaxy S6?

When Samsung releases its Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge models, it attempts at answering all criticisms thrown at its previous models, including the Galaxy S4. Design-wise, both the new models now appear more stylish and glassy with their front and rear glass (and borderless curved screen for Edge) and their aluminum rim looks and feels much better than the plastic rim of the Galaxy S4. The Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, with their 64-bit octa-core Exynos 7, are also considered far more powerful than the Galaxy S4 with its 32-bit quad-core Snapdragon. With a big jump introduced in the newest models, the upgrade is considered necessary, even if the enjoyment of using Group Play has to be missed.

We will back to the main problem discussed here: is it possible for Samsung Galaxy S6 users to set up Group Play in their phone? The short answer is “No“. The Samsung Developers website has affirmed that “Group Play will not be serviced in the up-coming Samsung smart devices”

Samsung Group Play Developer Website

However, this doesn’t mean you can no longer experience the enjoyment provided by Group Play. Many alternative apps are now available at Google Play Store and Samsung App Store, read this post: Samsung Group Play Alternative for Any Android Device.

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