How to Boot Into Safe Mode on Samsung Galaxy A5 2017

How to Boot Into Safe Mode on Samsung Galaxy A5 2017

Got issue with one of the third party apps that bring havoc to your Samsung Galaxy A5 2017? Worry not, because you can boot the phone into Safe Mode, find out if it really caused the issue in your phone and fix it right away.

Boot Into Safe Mode on Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 – No matter how much we want our phone to work smoothly, there is always problem that happen out of the blue. To solve whatever problem that happens, we need to find the real culprit before we can take appropriate action.

Third party app that didn’t really get along with the phone system or incomplete app is a common cause for such issue. The thing is how do we pinpoint the real culprit for the current issue? First, we need to determine whether the issue caused by third party app or not.

The simplest way to know about it is by boot the phone to “Safe Mode”. In Safe Mode, the entire third party app is disabled for a while. The phone will work normally minus all those app. If the phone works great and the current issue is not appearing, then it is obvious that one of those third party apps is responsible for it.

If you owned a Samsung Galaxy A5 2017, you can boot your phone into Safe Mode by following this guide:

  • Power off the phone. Just hold the “Power button” and select the “Power Off” option.
  • Press and hold “Power button” until Samsung logo appear on the screen.
  • This is the tricky part. When Samsung logo appears on the screen release “Power button” and press “Volume Down” button immediately. Fail to do this mean you phone will boot back to normal mode and you have to repeat the process all offer again.
  • Keep pressing “Volume Down” button until the phone finished it boot up process and you see the home screen is on.

Now you successfully boot the phone into “Safe Mode”, go and check your phone performance. If it works great, then you need to pay carefully attention on each of the third party apps you get in there. Try to disable it one by one until you find which one that responsible for the whole issue.

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