How to Boot into Recovery Mode on LG V20

Learn how to boot your LG V20 into Recovery Mode where it gives you access to perform factory reset or custom recovery and improve the phone performance right away without have to pay for it.

Improving LG V20 phone performance can be done with so many ways. Performing factory reset is one of them, where it brings the phone setting back to its factory setting. It may help to solve problems that stuck and won’t go away.

How to Boot into Recovery Mode on LG V20

Using custom recovery is also popular way to improve phone performance. There all sort of custom recovery such as TWRP and CWM that you can use for this purpose. No matter what method that you choose to improve your phone performance, you must do it properly in order to bring the perfect result. As in this case, if you want to perform factory reset or accessing the custom recovery in your LG V20, then you can do it from Recovery Mode.

Boot into Recovery Mode on LG V20

Recovery Mode is a special mode that is available in almost all Android devices including LG V20. To boot your phone into this mode, please follow the guide below:

  1. Make sure that you already powered off your phone before you take any further step.
  2. Press and hold “Power button” and “Volume Down button” for several seconds until LG logo appear on the screen.
  3. When LG logo appear, release your hold on both buttons for one seconds and then press them up once again. Keep it up until the phone boot into “Recovery Mode” and when it does, you can release it once again.
  4. In Recovery Mode menu, you can move around using “Volume Up” and “Volume Down” button. Use those buttons to find the desirable option, and when you find it, highlighted it and press “Power button” to select it.
  5. You can go back to normal mode after you finish in Recovery Mode by choosing the “Reboot System Now” option.

It is easy to boot your LG V20 into Recovery Mode. Once you get the hang of it, you can perform any action that you wish to do and have your phone work better than before.

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