How to Fix Push Notification not Working Issue on OnePlus 3

Push notification issue is a common problem that happen OnePlus 3 and it is not something to really worry about with several solutions that you can try and surely will work effectively.

Some user report that the push notification in their OnePlus 3 is not working at all. It is a disturbing issue because it means that user will never know whether they have new message or new update available instantly.

Push Notification not Working Issue on OnePlus 3

This problem requires OnePlus 3 user to go straight to the app and launch it to see whether there is something new that await them.

OnePlus 3 Push Notification Issue

Luckily, there are some solutions that are worth to try and surely it will fix this issue immediately. The solutions that you can try are:

  1. Get the latest update for OxygenOS from OnePlus. This new update that was released in July, 2016 addressed many issue including push notification issue. Go to Settings > System Updates to check for it and update it right away.
  2. Change the push notification setting manually. Go to Settings > Sound & Notification > App Notification. This is where you can select the apps that can have push notification.
  3. Go to the “Do Not Disturb” list and make sure that the app you like to receive push notification is not listed in there.

You can also check the OnePlus 3 Alert Slider. There are 3 possible positions for the slider. If it goes all the way up it mean you won’t get any push notification. If it sits in the middle then it means you only get priority notification and if it goes all the way down, you will get the entire notification. Set the slider to the position you wished for, so you can get the notification you want.

Now you can try those solutions above. Make sure to check whether the solution is working or not. If you find one solution doesn’t work, then you can try other solution until you find the one that really works for you and solve this issue.

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