How to Fix Poor Battery Life Problem on LG V20

Possible solution to deal with weak or poor battery life issue on LG V20 is available right here and you can use these solutions to prolonged battery life on your device for your convenience.

Poor battery life issue on LG V20 has become a common issue that plagues many users. It is not an issue to be taken lightly because it means you can’t use the phone without have to charge it again and again during the day. If this issue is bothering you right now, then you can try these solutions to make the problem go away.

How to Fix Poor Battery Life Problem on LG V20

You can work around this poor battery life issue by reducing the power consumption of the battery. To do this, all you need to do is change several aspects of phone setting. Start with turn off the features that you don’t need from notification shade.

You also can disable Always-on Display option by go to Settings > Display and toggle it OFF. Reducing screen brightness proves to be useful to reduce battery consumption. Go to Settings > Display > Screen Timeout and reduce the brightness.

To make it simpler, enable the Power Saving Mode from Settings. This will automatically disable unneeded features and app to reduce battery use.

Perhaps there is specific app that taken all the juice from the battery. Check it from Settings > Battery & Power Saving > Battery Usage. If there is an app that uses battery usage more than the rest of the app, then consider to uninstall it and replace it with other app.

Corrupted cache on the system may also cause this issue. Simply wipe out the cache from Settings > General > Storage, then tap Cache Data to clear it, and then tap Yes to confirm it.

Last thing to try is perform factory reset. Make sure to back up your data first, then go to Settings > General > Backup & Reset > Factory Data Reset > Reset Phone > Delete All > OK. Once it’s done, transfer your data back to the phone and you shouldn’t be bother with this weak battery issue anymore.

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