How to Fix Phone Overheating Issue on OnePlus 3

Overheating that happen during everyday use or during charging process has become a common issue that happen to OnePlus 3, but there are a couple of solutions that should clear this issue once and for all.

One of the most common issues that were reported by many user of OnePlus 3 is about overheating device. These users has reported that their device become overheating even during normal everyday use, when they put in their pocket and also during charging process.

Overheating Issue on OnePlus 3

While it may not dangerous, it is definitely not convenient for the user to have device that give off more heat than it supposed to.

In this matter, there are several possible solutions that may work. First solution is changing the charger with the Dash Charge Adapter. This adapter is available on OnePlus website. This adapter will work with the Dash Charge feature on OnePlus 3 that was meant to charge the phone quickly and in the same time keep it stay cool.

If the phone only get overheating during charging process and the user notice it because they use the phone while charging, then simply stop doing it. Just put the phone and let it charge normally without using it.

The fingerprint sensor feature on OnePlus 3 is another thing to look over. For some reason, this feature is the one that makes the device overheating. Perhaps because it keep looking for fingerprint especially when the phone is facing the body part of the user.

Try to turn the phone around so it won’t face any body part or perhaps using a phone case will stop the sensor to keep searching. If it’s not work, disable fingerprint sensor may do the trick for a while. User can use this method until they come up with the solution that really work.

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