How to Fix Overheating Issue on LG V20

The solutions for overheating issue on LG V20 is now available and you can try it to fix this issue that has become major concern for many user of this phone, because it make the phone not convenience to use.

For the first several days, user may find that their LG V20 goes overheating or too warm for their likeness. It could happen because during those day, the device work extra hard to gather all information and app that user need. But if the same thing keeps happen afterward, and then it is a sign for problem. User can try to deal with this overheating problem with the available solutions below.

How to Fix Overheating Issue on LG V20

Clearing cache from the phone help the system to start fresh and it may help with this overheating issue. Go to Settings > General > Storage > Cache Data. It will ask user to continue to delete cache data on the phone or not. Tap “OK” to proceed with it

Problem with 3rd party apps could be the cause of this issue. Go to Safe Mode to confirm this, by press and hold “Power button”, and then tap and hold the “Power Off” option on “Power Menu”. A pop up dialog box will appear to inform about rebooting to “Safe Mode” and user can tap “OK” to confirm it.

If the overheating issue is not appear on Safe Mode, then 3rd part app is definitely the cause of this issue and it’s only a matter of finding which app that cause it.

Factory Reset is worth to try if nothing else worked. Go to Settings > General > Backup & Reset > Factory Data Reset. Just remember to back up the data on the phone before doing this. After that, restore to app one at a time and check for the problem.

If this overheating starts to show up after installing specific app, then uninstall it and go for the alternative app. If nothing works, then it is about time to contact the retailer or straight to LG to get possible replacement for this phone.

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