How to Fix OnePlus 3 Display Color Balance Issue

Find out the solutions for the slightly off display color issue that happen to OnePlus 3 that allow user to have the display show the right amount of color that please the eye and looking good as well.

One of important aspect from a smartphone is its display. The screen should be able to show just the right amount of display color that will bring crisp and clear picture. Not only it will make everything on the screen look great but it also pleasing to the eye.

OnePlus 3 Display Color Balance Issue

Unfortunately, some OnePlus 3 user has reported that they have problem with the color of the display in their phone.

Some reported that the display is a little bit warmer than what they like while other people find that the display is a little bit yellowish. This issue is not affecting the phone performance but it has more to pleasing and aesthetic appearance of the display.

So, how to deal with this issue? The good news is this issue doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with the phone hardware or software. It is something that the user can solve on their own. They can start by set the color balance just the way they like it. To do this, user can go to Settings > Display and then they can adjust the Color Balance to their preference.

Other solution is to adjust the setting from Developer Options, where the user have access to do things that normally only the phone developer have it. User need to make sure that they already get the latest update of OxygenOS 3.2.1 that included an sRGB mode that can be use in Developer options.

To use this mode, user can go to Setting > About Phone > Build Number > Developer Options. This is where user can enable the mode and change the setting of color on the display the way they like it. Both methods work great for this issue. In no time, the color of display will look as good as people want it.

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