How to Wipe the Cache Partition on LG G4

Guide on Wipe Cache Partition on LG G4 – With so many application that you can install in your LG G4, problem may happen from time to time. Corrupted application cache is sometimes the culprit of any problem you have.

You can solve the problem by clearing or wipe out cache partition on your device. Clear out cache application will wipe out cache data that has been built up by the application in your device.

How to Wipe the Cache Partition on LG G4

Now, this guide was meant for you who don’t make any drastic change on your phone. If you already rooted your device or you already installed custom recovery, then it may not be the guide you are looking for.

People with custom recovery installation on their device may find that wipe out cache partition may need a different kind of route to do it.

The process of wipe out cache partition on un-rooted device is very simple. There is no need of you to boot or to enter any special mode that Android device usually equipped with.

Besides, the process won’t take too long; depend on how much data cache that was stored in the phone. Now you can do this wipe out cache partition action on your LG G4 by following these steps:

  1. Go to Settings application first.
  2. If the view of the menu is in Tab, then choose General tab, but if the view of the menu is on a grid then you don’t have to do anything.
  3. Look for “Storage” option on the Setting menu. Tap on it so you can enter it.
  4. On Storage menu, you will find complete information on how the storage area in the phone is used. You can see the information of storage areas that was used for Pictures, Video, Download, Apps and other information regarding the storage. Your job is to find “Cached Data” option among those information, and then tap on it.
  5. A dialog box will appear where you must tap on “OK” option to confirm the action that you are going to take.
  6. Wait for the phone to wipe out cache partition. Remember that it may take a while depend on the amount of data stored in the phone.
  7. When the process is completed, the Cached Data option usually will disappear from the menu. Do not be alarmed, because it is totally normal and it will show up again after the app and the system built the data cache again.
  8. Once the whole process is finished, it is highly recommended to reboot your device to allow the change to take place.

As you can see the process is very simple yet it may work very effective against any problem that you have with your LG G4.

You can do this action from time to time because the system will always built up data cache as long as you still use this phone. After you perform this action, check on the performance of your device, and hopefully any problem that you have before is nowhere to be found.

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