How to Wipe Out Cache Partition on Samsung Galaxy S6

Guide on Wipe Out Cache Partition on Samsung Galaxy S6 – Strange thing can happen to your Samsung Galaxy S6 at any time. It could be anything from force close application, slow loading application, or other glitches that happen to one specific app only or general glitches that happen to the phone itself.

This is very annoying and you want to have the problem solved immediately. One simple solution that you can try that could solve the problem is wiping out the entire cache partition in your device.

How to Wipe Out Cache Partition on Samsung Galaxy S6

What you are going to do is to clean the cache partition on your device that was built by the system to make it a whole lot easier when it opens an app.

You won’t lose any personal data in this action because once again what you are going to clean is only the cache. The system on your phone will rebuild it once again after you perform this action.

Now, the process is very simple and easy, where basically everyone can do it. Here is how to do it:

  1. First you need to boot your Samsung Galaxy S6 into Recovery Mode. Recovery mode is the special mode where you can perform different actions including wipe cache partition.
  2. When you enter recovery mode, you can use Volume Up and Volume Down button to navigate through the menu since the touch screen is not working in this mode.
  3. Locate the “Wipe Cache Partition” option on the menu and highlight it.
  4. Once you highlighted the option, use Power button to select it.
  5. When you already do that, the system will start to clean the entire cache partition in your phone.

It may take several minutes to do this and the more data you have in there, the more cache it will have and more time it will take to clean up the whole thing. Just wait for it to complete the process and remember not to use the phone in any way. Just leave it be.

After the process of wipe out the entire cache partition in your Samsung Galaxy S6 has completed, you can use the phone back. Remember that you are still in recovery mode, so you need to boot back to regular mode.

Once again, use Volume Up and Volume Down button to move through the available options in recovery menu and highlight the “Reboot System Now”. Use Power button to select it and wait until the phone reboot back to regular mode

Since you already wipe out cache partition that was needed by the system to open the application in your phone, you may have to wait for Android to optimize it all over again. The more applications you have in there, the more you have to wait until the optimization process completed.

No need to worry, just wait around and when it’s all over, you can have your phone back and use it the way you normally do and in this case with no more strange bug and glitches that annoy you the entire time you use your Samsung Galaxy S6.

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