How to Use Silent Mode or Do not Disturb on your LG V10

Some people who use LG V10 get problem to activate Do not Disturb in their phone. This problem is common because the Do not Disturb in LG V10 is actually called Silent Mode.

It is important for people who use LG V10 to know how to activate this Silent Mode to prevent any disturbance to your important moment like a meeting, a date or when you are sleeping.

How to Use Silent Mode or Do not Disturb on your LG V10

However, this LG V10 Silent Mode has some features that enable you to choose several important contacts or alarms that don’t want to miss those emergency calls or important notifications.

It is easy to set up and enable Silent Mode on your LG V10. You can do it by following these explanations below.

You can activate the Silent Mode or Do not Disturb by following these steps: Please go to Settings and then please select on Sound on the list. Please search carefully until you find Quite mode, and finally you need to toggle on to activate the Silent Mode on your LG V10. You can find the On or Off switch at the upper right corner and you can toggle on it there.

Like in the iPhone and iPad style feature of Do not Disturb, you can select the types of alerts and sounds that are blocked. You can choose turn off notifications and block incoming calls there. If you don’t want to miss any important alarm, please do not check the box to turn off alarm at your phone.

You also can allow specific contacts so that you do not miss any emergency calls or important calls for you while you activating this Silent Mode. However, this mode cannot block repeated incoming calls so you have to blocks the caller number to block the calls if it calls you repeatedly and disturb your important moments.

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