How to Unlock Your Android Phone Without Pasword, PIN, or Pattern

Android users usually use PIN, pattern, or password to secure your device and its contents. It is could be a problem if you forget your password because you cannot access your phone and you cannot use it at all. You have to bypass it and get back in to access your Android again.

This security model is stronger for more modern type of Android. However, you still can access your phone although you forget the password, PIN, or the pattern as long as you still remember your password and username to access your Google account.

How to Unlock Your Android Phone Without Pasword, PIN, or Pattern

How to Bypass and Reset Password on Android 4.4 and Below

You can access your Android 4.4 KitKat and the older Android versions by the integrated way to bypass your forgotten pattern, PIN or password. This feature is only available at Android 4.4 KitKat and older, so you have to find other alternatives for the new versions of Android. You can use this feature easily because it is integrated at your phone.

The first thing you have to do to access this feature is entering an incorrect pattern or PIN five times in series at your screen device. This is needed to get the “Forgot Pattern”, “Forgot PIN” or “Forgot Password” button appear.

After you see the button appear, please tap it so that you will be prompted to enter your Google account by typing your username and password that can help you to access your Android device again.

How to Bypass and Reset Password on your Android 5.0 and Up

It is quite disappointing that Android 5.0 and the latest version do not have integrated way to bypass your forgotten pattern, PIN, or password. However, this is because the need of stronger security model than before so you can protect your data more securely than before.

You can use Android’s Smart Lock Feature as an alternative for you who use Android 5.0 and the latest version. This feature can make your phone automatically log in when it is in your home Wi-Fi after you set up this feature on your phone.

So it will unlock automatically while you bring it to your Wi-Fi home although you forget your phone unlock code. It means that you can access your phone although you forget the password securely because you have to bring it to your Wi-Fi home to access it.

If your phone is Samsung device, you can use Samsung Find My Mobile to overcome the problem of forgotten pattern, PIN, or password on your phone. When you have logged into the device with a Samsung Account you can access this Find My Mobile website to help you unlock your phone.

You can do it by logging into Samsung Find My Mobile website then please use “Unlock my Screen” option to remove your device’s lock screen. You may also can find this kind of feature on the other Android phone manufacturers and you can use it if you already sign up for that account.

Use Factory Reset on Your Android Device

The last option that you can take is to perform a factory reset. You just need to understand that this option will delete all data on your device, so you must back up it first or you just need to ensure that you can access it with other device.

If you use SD card on your phone to save the data and files, you can remove the SD card before you factory reset your phone. Your files and data will remain at your SD card then.

However, in Android system you actually can also access all of your data, apps, and files on your phone by logging into Google Account as usual so you can get back the important files or data on your phone. All you have to do is activate the automatic backup function on your device.

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