How to Unlock an Android When the Screen is Broken or Cracked

It is very unfortunate when you find your Android screen is broken or cracked due to some reasons. May be it dropped or someone steps on it accidentally until the screen is broken. However, the first thing you want to do after this problem comes is getting the data from that broken device and try to save it in your PC or other device that can back up the data.

You will try to access your broken device although it may be difficult because you cannot use the touch screen because it already cracked or broken. However, there are some options you can do to overcome this problem as the following explanation.

How to Unlock an Android When the Screen is Broken or Cracked

First Method: Unlock your Android using Android Debug Bridge

Android Debug Bridge enables you to communicate with your Android through a computer that usually used by the developers. You have to prepare a computer, micro USB cable, and Android SDK to perform this Android Debug Bridge.

Before trying to do this, please ensure that USB debugging is already turned on at your phone. This is important because you cannot process this debugging option if you turn off USB debugging option.

To start debugging the phone, please download Android SDK files and ensure that the file downloaded is compatible with your computer. For example, 32-bit machine need 32-bit item file to be downloaded and 64-bit machine will need 64-bit item file.

The next step is, please connect your phone with computer. You need to use USB cable and then open command prompt by pressing Ctrl+R and typing CMD then Enter. Type the following command and press Enter:

cd c:/android/platform-tools

(please change the directory to where the SDK files located)

Then please type this command and press Enter:

adb devices

(you will see some numbers on the command prompt window if your device is detected)

Again, type the following command and press Enter. Please type the second command immediately after the first one:

adb shell input text 1234

(change 1234 with your phone PIN or password)

shell input keyevent66

Please wait for awhile and see whether you successfully unlocked your Android phone.

Second Method: Unlock your Android using USB Mouse

If Android Debug Bridge option is not successful for you to try, you still have one more option to communicate with your Android device. You can use an USB mouse but this only works with the Android devices that supporting USB OTG.

To start the process, please plug in an OTG cable into the micro USB port on your phone. After you plug the cable in, please insert a USB mouse into the other part of the cable. You will see a mouse pointer under the broken stripes of your phone screen. You can unlock your phone with that mouse pointer easily. Those are the options to overcome the problem when you need to unlock your broken screen Android device.

However, it is important to prevent before everything bad happen to your device. You also need to turn on the USB Debugging on your Android so that it can help you anytime you face the difficult times like this problem. You also need to be careful on while using your phone and also place it carefully in the safe place so that you can avoid unintended things like dropped or stepped accidentally. Other suggestions, you should use a good quality tempered glass to protect your phone screen.

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