How to Solve the Problematic Moto G Battery Life

How to Solve the Problematic Moto G Battery Life – Battery problem is widespread in most gadget regardless of brands. With Moto G, the most often occurring problem is related to its erratic performance.

The battery life tends to display jumping percentage from dangerously low at 1-2% left, to suddenly filled by 50-60% within few minutes of charging.

How to Solve the Problematic Moto G Battery Life

Another common scenario is, battery that has just been charged to 100% suddenly dropped to 1% right after unplugging. Some users tried to turn it off and when it restarts, usually the battery will return to normal which is 100% from the recent charge.

Do not blame your power outage or the battery because it is fine. The problem is likely to be a Moto G calibration error and highly related to its periodic software update.

How to fix battery life erratic on Moto G

Use your Moto G throughout the day so that the battery will run low, avoid charging so it will discharge completely by itself. As soon as the battery life decreases, plug in the charger and wait till it reaches 100%.

You will need to repeat the process for one more time. Similarly, drain it to lowest capacity and bring it up to full by charging it like usual. This time, the erratic battery problem should be resolved completely.

Motorola has come up with a fix for this particular problem but is still awaiting its official confirmation. An error in the calibration system is the main cause for it as can be seen from the announcement made by an engineer in Motorola. Read here for full information.

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