How to Show All Apps on Samsung Galaxy S7 Home Screen

How to show all apps on Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge home screen. Android smartphone gives its user two options to access the app in that phone. It can be through app drawer, or they can put the apps and widget they frequently use in home screen.

Basically, there are two separate locations where people can access an app on Android smartphone. That is not the case with iOS device such as iPhone. In iOS device, the entire app of the device appears in home screen. There is no way that the owner can change this.

Show All Apps on Samsung Galaxy S7 Home Screen

The difference between the location of the apps in iOS device and Android smartphone can be confusing for some people especially new users who didn’t understand why it is necessary to have two separate locations.

Well, the problem is solved now; at least that is the case with Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. Samsung through Galaxy Labs has put an experimental feature on the mentioned device.

This feature will transform the way Galaxy S7 looks like, with its home screen and app drawer to something similar like iPhone. This new feature will placed the entire app on home screen and in the same time hide app drawer.

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Hide App Drawer and Show All Apps on Samsung Galaxy S7 Home Screen

So, the remaining question is how to do it. How to hide app drawer and show the whole app in home screen? Below are step by step on how to do exactly that:

  1. Go to phone Settings.
  2. You can enter Settings app from app drawer or you also can swipe down the screen and on the notification bar, tap Settings icon.

  3. On Settings app, scroll down until you find “Advanced features” and tap on it.
  4. On Advanced Features menu, choose Galaxy Labs.
  5. On Galaxy Labs page, you can choose to try out the latest experimental functions by tap on “Start” option.
  6. On the next page, there will be two options to choose and in this case, choose and enable the “Show all apps on home screen” option.
  7. By default this option is disabled where you need to enable it. When you enable this options, it automatically will put the whole app on home screen and in the same time hide app drawer.

  8. Before the feature is active, you will get warning message. Tap “OK” to proceed to the next step.
  9. Now the whole step is complete, you can go back by tap on home button and enjoy the new look on your Samsung Galaxy S7.

Hide App Drawer and Show All Apps

This experimental feature is indeed something that worth to try. But, not every carrier supports it. If you unable to find Galaxy Labs in Advanced Features page, then it means your carrier didn’t support it and you can’t enable it.

When this feature is enabling, additional panel screen will be added to accommodate the whole app in the home screen. As for the widget, you need to re-add it because the one you add to the home screen previous activation of this feature will be deleted.

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