How to Set Up Ringtones on Samsung Galaxy S6

Problem with phone ringtone might be as old as the phone itself; however, still, there are many people who are unable to set up their phone’s ringtones. Some people even keep the generic ringtones of their phone without ever trying to change them.

Changing the ringtones of a phone is always worth-doing because of the following reasons:

Set Up Ringtones on Samsung Galaxy S6

1. By changing the ringtones, the phone can become more personal.

Changing phone ringtones is one effective way to personalize a phone. People can change the wallpaper of their phone or give it a personalized phone cover; however, if their personalized phone still sounds the generic ringtones when someone makes a call or sends a text message, the phone is not fully personalized.

2. By changing the ringtones, the phone will sounds differently from other phones.

Almost everyone has a phone right now. If your phone has distinct ringtone that is different from that of other phones around you, you will know that it is your phone that is being called when your distinct ringtone rings out.

3. A specific ringtone can become an identity of a certain contact in your phone.

If you set Elvis’s song as the ringtone of a specific contact in your phone, like that of your pop, you will know that your pop is calling without having to see your phone’s screen when that song sounds.

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Customize Ringtones on Samsung Galaxy S6

Changing the ringtone of your phone is fun, especially if you have a lot of songs that you love to hear once in a while. How to change Galaxy S6 ringtone? If your phone is Samsung’s newest gadget, changing its ringtone is quite easy. Although it comes with the new Lollipop operating system, the settings are in general similar to those of Lollipop’s predecessors.

There are two ways to change the ringtone of your phone:

1. Change the Samsung Galaxy S6 general ringtone

Samsung Galaxy S6 Change Ringtone Settings
Samsung Galaxy S6 Change Ringtone Settings
  • Go to “Settings” app on your Samsung Galaxy S6
  • Tap on “Sounds and notifications”, then tap “Ringtone”
  • You can choose from different generic ringtones that Samsung pre-installed on your device
  • or tap “Add Ringtone” at the bottom of the list if you want to use your own personal song dan browsing your song. If you want to use only a part of the song, check “Highlight only” at the bottom left
  • Tap “Done” at the top right once you finish change ringtone.

2. Set a specific ringtone for a specific contact

The first place that you should visit is the “Contacts” app. Once there, pick a contact with ringtone that you want to change. After you enter that contact’s screen, you can find the “EDIT” button at the top of the screen. In the “Ringtone” field, you can specify the ringtone of that contact. You can choose either one of Samsung’s generic ringtones or custom ringtone that you have stored in your phone.

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