How to Quick Charge Asus Zenfone Series

Poor battery life is the common issue for smartphone users. Since there are many apps and features influence the huge power consumptions on the smartphone itself. Moreover, many smartphone users report that their smartphone battery life is remains poor although they already try the battery saving tips.

Others may try to use the power saving mode that limits the phone performance like no vibrations of notifications, no lighting, and still many other functions you cannot use with this power saving mode on. Those problems make many people want to know more about how recharge their phone battery quickly and to use their battery effectively.

How to Quick Charge Asus Zenfone Series

So, it is not peculiar when some of people who use ZenFone 2 report that they need to know how to charge their battery quickly. The following are some tips you can use to charge your Asus Zenfone Series battery quickly.

The most impactful thing to fasten your battery charging is by turning off your phone while you recharge it. This can fastening the charging process, because while you turning off the phone there are no any running apps or features on your phone.

If turning off your battery is not possible for your condition, please avoid using your phone while you recharge the battery, because it will consumes the battery power and makes the charging process becomes slower.

Other things you need to consider in order to recharge your phone battery quickly is by using the provided USB cable and adapter, especially for you who has ZenFone smartphone either ZE550ML or the ZE551ML model.

It can charge your phone at faster speeds because it supports the Asus BoostMaster technology with 9V/2A 18W AC adapter. For your information, this feature applies only at specific models and must be paired with the 18W BoostMaster adapter.

You need to avoid high ambient temperatures while you recharge your phone battery, because it can damage your battery capacity. Other things you need to avoid are charging your phone through your computer, because it often restoring less power than your actual power consumption.

And please avoid using your battery down to 0% and try to turn it on again after it shutting down by itself because it will damage the battery.

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