How to Pair Asus Zenfone Series with a Bluetooth Device

Bluetooth connection can make many things easier for your paired devices usage. You can hear music by using the bluetooth connection, transfer any data, or other things you can do with this bluetooth connection feature. You can pair your Asus ZenFone with a bluetooth device by these following steps.

The most important thing before others is enabling your bluetooth on the Settings page. You can do it simply by toggling it On by your finger. The next step is searching the available bluetooth devices nearby by waiting it search automatically for a few seconds.

How to Pair Asus Zenfone Series with a Bluetooth Device

You can pair your Asus ZenFone with other bluetooth device by placing that other bluetooth device near your ZenFone.

After a few seconds, there will be some nearby bluetooth devices appearing on your bluetooth available devices options, including that bluetooth device you intentionally placed it near your ZenFone.

It will appear below Available Device list if it works normally, but if it not, please click Refresh and see if the bluetooth device you intended to pair it with your ZenFone is appearing.

It will appear soon after you click refresh if the bluetooth device is working properly. You need to wait for the name of your bluetooth device appearing so that you can tap it to pair both of the bluetooth devices.

Usually it asks for a password code, then please enter this code: 0000 or 1234 on it as both of these password codes are the most common passwords for this bluetooth device pairing.

If it is not working, you can consult the documentation that came from the device itself. After a few seconds, the bluetooth device will be successfully paired with your device.

If you find problem and your bluetooth device cannot search or connect the bluetooth, you can try to clean the pairing record, factory data reset, or the last option, please contact service center or send device to repair center if those options are not working.

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