How to Make Samsung Galaxy Phone Fingerprint Scanner Work Faster

Samsung Galaxy actually offers you with excellent fingerprint scanner. However, there are times when you are trying to unlock the phone in a rush and you receive a “No Match” message. It can be very annoying especially when you need to access your Galaxy quickly. If you want to make the scanner work faster all the time, you can follow some tips below.

Scan same finger several times

To improve the accuracy of the fingerprint scanner, you can scan the same finger several times. You are allowed to register 4 fingerprints on Samsung Galaxy. Instead of registering 4 different fingerprints, you scan the same finger 4 times at the registration process.

In consequence, you have four similar fingerprints in your data. Alternately, you can scan twice your left and right thumbs each. The less data you have, the more accurate the scanner is. This will avoid the “No Match” message.

Make Samsung Galaxy Phone Fingerprint Scanner Work Faster
Manage Fingerprints

To edit the recorded fingerprints on your smartphone, you can go to “Fingerprints” under the “Lock Screen and Security” in Settings. Click the “Edit” button and erase 3 fingerprints you want to remove. After that, register fingerprints from one or two fingers.

Keep your Samsung Galaxy clean

When the scanner is dirty, it will have low accuracy in scanning your fingerprints. That’s why it is important for you to clean the screen and home button from oil and dust. You must clean your smartphone as often as possible. To clean your phones, you must use soft fabric that won’t scratch the screen.

Aside from keeping your mobile phone clean, you must also keep your hands and fingers clean. The fingerprints scanner will not be able to scan your finger accurately if your finger is dirty. Moisture can also affect the accuracy.

If you do not dry your hands properly after washing your hands, you will likely receive the “No Match” message when you try to unlock your phone after that. Sweating hands can also the culprit of this problem. Therefore, you must unlock the phone with clean and dry finger.

Use the Smart Lock feature

Smart Lock is the new Android feature that enables you to unlock your phone without scanning your fingerprint. Therefore, you can access your phone quickly without getting the “No Match” message. With this feature, you can sidestep the lock and security system when your phone is placed in secure and trusted environments such as your pocket or home.

Samsung Smart Lock Feature
Smart Lock Feature

To set this great feature on your Android, you can go to the “Lock Screen and Security” menu. After that, tap the “Secure Lock Setting” and then tap “Smart Lock”. In this menu, you can set the trusted environment you want. Once you set this feature up, you can skip the fingerprints scanning when you want to unlock your Samsung Galaxy. Therefore, you can access your smartphone without too much hurdle.

I hope these tips on how to make Samsung Galaxy Fingerprint scanner work faster helps you save time and energy in unlocking your smartphone. Don’t forget to share these tips with your friends so that they can also enjoy this convenience.

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