How to Hard Reset Tracfone Alcatel OneTouch A382G

How to Hard Reset Tracfone Alcatel OneTouch A382G? Before talking about how to reset this phone, let’s find out when you need to try this trick. First, you can try this trick to solve the essential problems such as the phone cannot be switched on, when the phone is frozen or when the phone turns off by itself.

You can do hard reset to get the phone original settings too. But if you do this, your data in the phone will be lost. So keep it in your mind before resetting the phone.

How to Hard Reset Tracfone Alcatel OneTouch A382G

Hard reset or user data format on Tracfone Alcatel OneTouch A382G is pretty simple. But at first, make sure the phone is fully charge. This is to avoid the unpredictable and the unexpected things.

How to Reset Tracfone Alcatel OneTouch A382G:

First method:

1. Make sure the phone is already OFF
2. In this condition, hold down “*” key while simultaneously pressing the END/Power key
3. You will be asked “All data will be lost, continue?” Please select “”, the sequence will be entered with reminder “Formatting flash, please wait
4. Wait the process. Make sure do not interrupt the process or it will lead you to the other problems.

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Second method:

1. Make sure the phone is already ON
2. Go to “Menu” -> “Settings” -> “Restore default settings
3. Input the password, the default code is “1234
4. You will be asked “All user data and settings will be erased, continue?”, please select “Yes

This trick is easy to do. But before resetting the phone, make sure to back up the data such as the phonebook and the important messages. This is to avoid the unexpected things such as data loss. Of course, it can be a big problem for the most people.

But if this trick is not working as you wish, you can ask it to the service center. Maybe there is a problem on the hardware. If this is the problem, asking the professional will be better. They will handle and fix the problem entirely. If the phone is still on warranty, there is no charge for this. This problem will be handled for free.

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