How to Get MSL Code on Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Master Subsidy Lock or MSL code is 6-digit numeric password that is used to unlock certain setting of the phone. Smartphones that have this code are usually referred as locked phones.

They usually can only work with a certain service provider or carrier. Locked Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is cheaper than the unlocked one. But you must realize that you are stuck with the carrier.

How to Get MSL Code on Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Certain smartphones are sold in locked system because of a reason. These phones are much cheaper than unlocked smartphones since they are sold at a loss to the carrier.

The carrier company hopes that it can regain the loss cost through the monthly service plan that is paid by the users. In this case, the company provides subsidy or up-front loss to the users.

Sprint applies MSL code on these phones to prevent users from reprogramming them. With this code, certain functions of the phone can only be set to match Sprint setting. This limitation can be quite convenient for users. One of the functions that cannot be accessed because of this limitation is Wi-Fi Tethering.

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Many Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note 5 owners want to get the MSL code to activate the Wi-Fi tethering function on their phones. They also want it to unlock their smartphones.

Once they get this code, they will be able to do more with their phones. They can also change the service plan or even the carrier. Unfortunately, getting this code is not simple.

If you have a locked Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and want to unlock it, you do not need to worry. There are several ways you can do to get MSL code from Sprint. One of them is rooting.

However, it is pretty complicated. If you want to get the code in simpler method, you can call Sprint for it. All you need to do is dial the number of Sprint Customer Service and ask for the MSL code.

Customer Service staff will ask you the reason why you need the code. You must give the most assuring and logical reason so that he or she will tell you the MSL code. You can tell the staff that you are experiencing slow connection.

You can also tell them that you are trying to reset your GPS because it doesn’t get a lock, and the system needs MSL code in order to perform this task.

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  1. They won’t give it to me cause I am leasing. Any other suggestions apart from rooting which I prefer not to do cause it will break knox and Samsung Pay will not work?


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