How to Fix Galaxy S7 Problem: Fast Charging Not Working

Some people who use Samsung Galaxy S7 found that fast charging feature in their device is not working. This problem is quite serious because users have to spend more time to charge their phone battery.

It is quite disappointing that your expensive phone cannot give you a more effective way to recharge the battery and makes you safe more time. You need to find solution for this problem as you can see the following explanations.

How to Fix Samsung S7 Problem: Fast Charging Not Working

You need to switch off your phone or your screen while you charge the phone. This is important because the fast charging feature will never work if you charge the phone while the screen is on and while it is used.

It is also important that you have to use a certified fast charger or the Samsung fast charger that originally brought by your new device at first. That makes a fast charging feature is possible rather than using a standard battery charger (Read: How to Charging Samsung Galaxy S7 Properly).

Other thing you can do to be able to charge the battery using fast charging feature is by enabling Airplane mode on your phone.

It can minimize your phone power usage and it makes any unneeded function or features in your phone turned off. You cannot receive any calls and it just doing a little task so that your phone can possibly recharged quickly.

If you cannot enable Airplane mode on your phone, please make sure that you turn off some unused features. For example, you can disable NFC, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or any running apps. This action will help the phone maximize the charging process.

It is also worthy to try that you have to ensure that you already check your microUSB port at Samsung or any other place that qualified as Samsung phone technician. Surely it is suggested that you go to Samsung directly rather than other place.

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