How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S6 that Won’t Turn On

Samsung’s latest smartphone models, the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, become the most favored smartphones today due to their stylish and glossy design and powerful octa-core Exynos 7 processor; however, these models are not invulnerable to shortcomings.

One of the most notorious problems that many people experience when using them is their failure to turn on. The reason is often unknown. The device seems to be okay for a while but suddenly it fails to turn on when its power button is pressed.

How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S6 that Won’t Turn On

1. Try to charge your phone’s battery

Sometimes, the reason why your phone fails to turn on is simply because its power has been completely drained. To affirm that this is the root of your problem, try to charge the battery. Charging the battery allows you not only to solve power-related problem that causes your phone’s failure, but also to find out whether there is problem with your phone’s charging function.

If charging icon appears on its display, you can be sure that there is nothing wrong with your phone’s charging function. You can wait for a while until the battery has enough power and then try to turn it on.

If the icon doesn’t appear, you should be watchful because there may be problem with your phone, its battery or its charger. Unlike some of its predecessors, Galaxy S6 is not made to be waterproof. Therefore, moisture and water may damage it. Besides wetness, there are other causes of the failure of the phone’s charging system. If you cannot figure out the cause, take the phone to Samsung because it is mostly still under warranty coverage.

2. Try to boot into safe mode

If the phone fails to turn on after you charge its battery, certain apps installed on your phone may have caused its system to stall. The most reliable troubleshooting option that you can try now is booting the phone in safe mode wherein all 3rd-party apps that may have stalled your phone are deactivated.

  • Please Turn Off your Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge
  • Press and hold “Power” button until Samsung logo appears on the screen
  • Right after the logo appears, release the “Power” button and hold the “Volume Down” button
  • Continue holding the “Volume Down” button until your phone finishes the restart
  • If you success entering Safe Mode, you will see Safe Mode text on the bottom left corner of the screen. Now you can release “Volume Down” button

If you can boot your phone in safe mode, you can try to uninstall your apps one by one until you find the culprit.

3. Try to boot into recovery mode

If you fail to enter the safe mode, you can try the recovery mode wherein your phone will boot without loading its Android GUI. From here you can try wipe cache partition or hard reset your phone.

  • Please Turn Off your Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge
  • hold the “Volume Up” button, the “Home” button and the “Power” button simultaneously until your phone starts to boot
  • Right after your device vibrates, release the “Power button”, but still holding the other two buttons
  • You will see the friendly Android logo afterwards and then you will enter what seems to be Android System Recovery screen, now you can release all button
  • if you want to wipe cache, you can select “wipe cache partition” using “Volume Down” button, and press press the “Power” button to select it
  • If you want to hard reset your phone, you can select “wipe data/factory reset” using “Volume Down” button, and press press the “Power” button to select it

If none of the aforementioned troubleshooting options works, take your phone to Samsung because while still under the warranty coverage, disassembling your device on your own is prohibited because that will make the warranty void.

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