How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S6 Screen Won’t Auto Rotate

One of problems found by people who use Galaxy S6 is the problem with their screen that won’t auto rotate. This problem could be caused by an error of the hardware. Samsung already acknowledge the issue by it Galaxy S6 Edge. Unfortunately, some of Galaxy S6 users also has the same problem although its already anticipated by Samsung.

There is indication that this hardware error is caused by fast charging where it damaged gyroscope near USB port. If this happen to your phone, you can try these options to overcome it.

How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S6 Screen Won’t Auto Rotate

The first thing you have to ensure is you are not turning off the Auto Rotate on your phone accidentally. You can check it by swiping down your phone screen from the top to open your notification panel and find Samsung’s quick toggles on the top then look for Screen Rotation.

It is on the off mode while the Screen Rotation is not highlighted in yellow. If it is the case, you can tap it to turn it on. After you take these steps, you can check if this could overcome your problem or not. If this step is working, your phone is in good condition and you do not need any other action to do.

If those steps are not helping and your phone screen still won’t auto rotate, you can try to reboot your phone. You can do it simply and see whether there is a chance after you reboot your phone. You can reboot your phone by taping and holding the Power button and tapping the Restart option.

If this is still not working, so you can suspicious that this problem is caused by hardware error and you can look for some helps from Samsung, retailers, or other places that can give some helps. You can ask for help to change your damaged hardware or you can ask for replacement.



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