How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S6 Problem: Unfortunately, Contacts has Stopped

One of problems found by people in Galaxy S6 usage is the stopped phone contacts. This problem is also commonly found at other cell phones usage other than Galaxy S6. Usually, the phone contacts stopped and disturb your comfortable usage of Galaxy S6 during making a call.

There will be an error message that pops up and restrains your effort to make a call. However, although it is annoying enough for the users, this problem is not a serious problem that you can fix it easily.

How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S6 Problem: Unfortunately, Contacts has Stopped

There are some ways to overcome this problem. For the example, you can do it simply by checking the Settings then tap the Application manager and swap over to the All tab to find Contacts app, then tap Clear cache and Clear data to stop this problem pops up.

If those steps are not working and your phone still show that the contacts has stopped, then try another way to fix it. You can try to restart your phone after Clear cache and Clear data the Dialer app, to see whether the problem is already fixed or not.

If both ways are still not working, then you have to find whether the problem is caused by another application that trying to access the contacts on your phone or not. Some people found that this problem is caused by Google+ application and they could overcome the problem just by uninstalling, disabling or rolling back up dates of this application.

You can check whether the problem is caused by an application or not by turning your safe mode on. To turn the safe mode on, please hold down the Power button and choose Power off.

Then you can press and hold the Volume down together with Power, then please let go of Power after the screen lights up, while you still holding Volume down until the home screen is shown on your phone. The sign of safe mode could be seen at the bottom left of your phone’s screen.

If in this safe mode on you do not get your problem return, so it is an application that causing this problem. You can reboot your phone to turning off your safe mode then you can uninstall the application suspected to be the one that cause the problem.

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