How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S6 Problem: Poor Battery Life

As battery with medium capacity on the block, the poor battery performance issues come often to the battery with 2,550mAh capacity in Galaxy S6. Users have to recharge their phone often because the battery is quick to charge but also drain quickly.

This issue becomes serious problem for some people when there is no removable battery for their phone. To fix Samsung Galaxy S6 poor battery life problem, we can try to optimize the battery usage with some simple changes on our phone. Before trying to fix the problem, we can try to know what matters cause our phone battery drains easily.

How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S6 Problems: Poor Battery Life

For examples, unused features, high-rated screen brightness, and non-efficient backgrounds syncing are things that cause our phone battery drains quickly. So, it will be more efficient to turn off those features that unused or even the features rarely used.

Set the screen brightness as low as possible despite it still comfortable for us to read the letters on our phone, and change the setting of background syncing as efficient as possible by clicking Settings, and choose Accounts, then turning off anything we don’t really need to sync in the background.

For saving your battery power with optimizing Wi-Fi setting, you can try these steps: Go to Settings > Wi-Fi > More then turn Smart Network Switch off, or go to Settings > Wi-Fi > More > Advanced and turn Always Allow Scanning off.

For additional information, although the connection will be a little bit slow than while connecting to Wi-Fi router on 5 GHz, connecting to a Wi-Fi router on 2.4 GHz will be more effective to save battery power.

Some people found that their battery usage became more effective when switching off VoLTE or Wi-Fi calling on their phone, but these not available in every carrier, so you could check it first for a great chance to maximize our battery usage.

Other simple way for power saving that available on your phone, you can try these steps: Head into Settings > Battery, then choose Power saving mode that can really boost battery life, although we have to realize that our Galaxy S6 will be limited in its functionality while we turn this power saving mode on.

These are some another tips potentially boost poor battery performance on Samsung Galaxy s6:

1. Go to Settings > Battery and check out Battery usage. Then, we can reduce battery consumptions by replacing power-guzzling apps shown there, or turn off the notifications.

2. Go to Settings > Application manager, check all applications on the list, then uninstall unused applications according to your selections.

3. Turn your Galaxy S6 off, and then hold down Power, Volume up, and Home together. We can see the Recovery menu, and then use Volume buttons to highlight wipe cache partition, select it with taping the Power button. When it’s done, highlight reboot system now with the volume buttons and press Power.

It is also useful to get a portable battery charger as it easier to charge anywhere or anytime we need to charge our battery. For more tips, you can check general battery saving tips article.

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