How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S6 Overheating Issues

Some people reported that in their Galaxy S6 usage, they found that their phone is warm or even too hot to touch it. This indicates that your phone processor is overworked, for example while it used to play high rated graphical games or other heavy applications.

This is quite annoying because Galaxy S6 users will be uncomfortable to hold their phone because it feels hot.

How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S6 Overheating Issues

Some of them found that this problem is easily be overcome by turning off their phone and let it rest for view minutes to cool down and then turn it on again after the hot temperature is gone. Or you can do it with simply reboot your phone by holding the Power button and tapping the Restart option.

If give your phone a view minutes to rest or reboot your phone are not fixing your problem, you can try other options to overcome it. One of the options is trying to find whether there is running application that forces your phone processor to work too much or not.

You can test it by deleting recent application installed on your phone and also uninstall applications that rarely used in your phone. Then you can see whether this action is fixing your problem or not.

Try to open the app drawer using the mini squares icon at the bottom right of any home screen and tap it. Then please press and hold on any apps to uninstall the selected applications according to your preference by dragging them into the word “uninstall” in the top left of the screen.

For applications that came pre-installed on the phone, you can disable those apps when you cannot uninstall them.

You can do it simply by checking the Settings then tap the Application and select the Application manager, then swap over to the All. You can tap an app that you want to disable it then tap Disable. To enable the application back, you can tap the Enable option.

The last choice is use the factory rest. You can do this factory reset by opening the Settings then select Backup and Reset, and tap Factory Reset.

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