How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S6 Missing Quick Toggle for Mobile Data

One of problems found by people in Galaxy S6 usage is the missing quick toggle for mobile data. This is quite annoying because for Galaxy S6 users, the quick toggle is quite important in their phone. It disturbs the user’s comfortable way to use the phone with quick toggles available in their phone.

Regarding this kind of issues, Samsung is aware of these disturbances and always trying to find the solution to overcome this kind of problems.

Fix Samsung Galaxy S6 Missing Quick Toggle for Mobile Data

Samsung always up dates the options to overcome this kind of issues so that the Galaxy S6 users could find that solution easily and quickly or on the right time. They can access it easily through spaces offered by Samsung like Galaxy Apps and Samsung’s store within it.

It is also the same for missing quick toggle issue. Samsung fully aware of this problem since this was found at Galaxy S6 usage. This problem get quite attention from Samsung and the solution is quickly released.

Here is the option to overcome this problem. You can open the Galaxy Apps and find an application that can help your missing quick toggles back to your phone immediately. That application is called QuickPanel Restore. This application could be found at Samsung’s store after you open up Galaxy Apps.

After you find this QuickPanel Restore, you can install it to your Galaxy S6. After it installed in your phone, please open up this application then tap the Restore button to bring your missing quick toggles back to your phone.

When you already install this application and do the steps properly, you will see that all your missing quick toggles is finally back. That is the simple way to overcome your problem with Samsung’s facilities offered to all Samsung mobile phone users.

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  1. does not work, when I click on restore it says “already updated” then a popup comes on to uninstall the app with two options… uninstall or cancel!


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