How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S6 LED Flash Always On

One of problems found by people in the use of Galaxy S6 is the flash on phone’s LED that always on. This issue becomes serious problem for some people when their phone battery is poor already. The LED flash on your Galaxy S6 that always on can make the battery drains quickly.

Actually the flash that constantly on in their phone is not in full brightness but it quite shining if you put the phone at the dark. That is why this flash on could make the battery drain quickly.

How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S6 LED Flash Always On

Although this problem looks quite simple, this condition becomes even worse when you do not have a portable battery charger so that you can charge your battery anywhere or anytime you need. So, it is useful to find solution for this problem before it irritates and disturbs your activities.

Before you try to find the solution, it is also important to optimize your battery usage generally so that the impact of this flash always on is not really gives effect to your phone. There are many ways to save your battery power as the following explanations.

It will be more efficient to turn off unused features, set the screen brightness as low as possible despite it still comfortable for your eyes, and change the setting of background syncing as efficient as possible.

After those general steps to save the battery, you can try this following potential solution for the flash is always on issue. Regarding this issue, Samsung is aware of this and always trying to find the solution.

You could reach those solutions in an OTA update. To get the updates, you can check it by taping the Settings, and go to About Device then choose Software Updates. This is one potential solution and there is no other known option to fix this problem for this time.

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