Fix Samsung Galaxy S6 Fingerprint Scanner is not Working

Fix Samsung Galaxy S6 Fingerprint Scanner is not Working – Some of Galaxy S6 users get problem when they are trying to reach their phone by taping their Galaxy S6 and try to use the fingerprint scanner.

This could happen although they actually could reach their phone easily because their phone can recognize their fingerprint and do not have problem with their phone fingerprint scanner before.

How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S6 Fingerprint Scanner is not Working

You also can access your phone with your backup password, but if it fails, or you cannot remember your password, you can find some solution for this problem as the following explanation.

You can try to sign in to your phone with your Google account. But this not always work to all cases because some of us have 2-Steps Verification turned on.

If this case is the same with yours, you can turn it off by accessing your Google account on other device. You can find it under My Account, then Sign in and then Security. After it’s off, enter your Galaxy S6 details so that you can unlock your phone.

If you already signed up and remember the details, you can choose Samsung’s Find My Mobile website and use the Unlock My Screen feature to access your phone.

One of potential solutions to anticipate this problem is by trying these following steps. You can try to restart your phone and try to use the fingerprint scanner to reach your phone again after cleaning your phone screen with soft cloth. If this works, you can change the fingerprints settings in your phone.

You can change it by trying these steps: go to Settings, then go to Lock Screen and Security and then go to Fingerprints. You have to make sure that you add your new fingerprints and delete the old one that you couldn’t access it. You also have to ensure that you move your finger around to cover different angles and use all four slots to get the optimal result.

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