How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S6 Email not Working Properly

Some people reported that in their Galaxy S6 usage, their email is not working properly. This is quite annoying because Galaxy S6 users can not access their email easily through their phone any time they need.

Some of them found that sync won’t work manually and other people see that there are problems like deleting emails or even the emails is not coming at all. These situations are problems that make the Galaxy S6 users disturbed and cannot access their email with their phone properly.

Fix Samsung Galaxy S6 Email not Working Properly

Some people see that this problem is caused by the problem that existed within the Email app itself. If this is the case on your phone, you can take other alternative for your phone email application like using Outlook, Mailbox, or Gmail, according to your preference.

There are some potential solutions to overcome this problem. You can start with deleting your email account from your Galaxy S6 then reboot the phone. After it activated again, you can add your email account again from the scratch and see whether the problem is already fixed.

Other thing you can try is contact the IT department if the error email is a particular work email account from your workplace or your students email account from your college.

The next option you can try is wiping the cache partition. You can follow these steps: press and hold the Power button then choose Power off to turn your phone off. After the phone is off, you can press and hold the Power, Volume Up, and Home buttons at the same time until you see the Android icon while the recovery menu will seen on the screen.

Please highlight the wipe cache partition using Volume down and use Power button to select it. Select reboot system now when it’s done.

If those options are not successful, you can ensure that you already back up your important files then you can go for factory reset.

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