How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Overheating Problem

Some people who use Galaxy S6 Edge report that they find problem with their phone. The problem is their phone often overheating while it used normally like for browsing, chatting, or just simply playing music mp3.

The overheating problem is quite a general problem found at smartphone usage if it used for a long time, but if your phone just get overheat soon after it used for awhile, you may have problem within your phone. If you have the same case, you can read and follow these following explanations.

How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Overheating Problem

Your phone may gets overheating while it recharged on the fast charging capability, and you can try to resolve it by recharge your phone through laptop or computer. You can plug the cable on the laptop or computer so that you can recharge your phone with slow capability charging. Your phone may be less heat after this option.

Please try to activate your phone Safe Mode to find out any apps that causing the problem. You can do it by turning off your phone, then press and hold the Power button. Please let go off the Power button when the screen comes to life, and press and hold Volume Down until the Home screen is appearing. You will see Safe Mode text at the bottom left if it success. You can exit the Safe Mode by reboot the phone as normal.

If your problem is resolved after you activate the Safe Mode, it is possible that your problem is caused by certain apps. Please check it by going into Settings, then choose Battery, and tap Battery Usage. You can see the culprit there. You can try to uninstall the problematic apps and selectively install the only safe apps on your phone.

If those options are not working, please find technicians or retailers to ask some help or ask replacement of your problematic device.

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