How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S6 Battery Temperature Too Low

For unknown reasons, you may unable to charge the battery of your Samsung Galaxy S6. This problem can have many causes, but if the message that appears on the screen signifies that the failure is caused by low temperature, there are several troubleshooting options that you can try.

Although in the end you will mostly have to return your damaged or defective gadget, it will be good if you can detect the cause of the problem and great if you can solve it on your own.

how to fix samsung galaxy s6 Battery Temperature Too low

5 Possible Causes Samsung Galaxy S6 Battery Temperature Too Low:

1. The charging failure may indeed be caused by low temperature

If you store your phone in a very cold environment, the low temperature degree may problematize the charging process of your battery. Try to move your phone in a warmer environment and see whether the problem persists.

2. There might be lint buildup in your phone’s charging port

Some users report that the lint buildup has caused charging failure on their phone. If you have an old Samsung phone, you may be able to resolve this problem, but if your phone is a Galaxy S6 and you think that lint buildup is the cause, you are stuck because the rear glass of this phone cannot be released.

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3. The temperature sensor of your phone may be faulty

Your phone has a sensor that reads the temperature degree of its surroundings. If this sensor is faulty, it may fail to sense the real temperature degree of the environment.

4. Your phone might be wet

Samsung Galaxy S6 is very prone to wetness because unlike many of its predecessors, it is not designed to be waterproof. Even mild moisture may cause problem to this phone. If your phone is wet, this problem may occur. Try to dry up the phone and see if you can solve the problem.

5. Your phone’s battery might be faulty

There might be problem with your phone’s battery. Unfortunately, the rear part of the Galaxy S6 cannot be opened. Therefore, you cannot replace the battery without disassembling the phone, which will render your phone’s warranty void.

What is bad about Samsung Galaxy S6 and its Edge counterpart is that there is no part of those models that can be opened. Former models have rear cover that can be opened. these two newest models don’t have such cover. Therefore, even if you are able to detect the cause of your charging problem, there is little thing that you can do to solve the problem.

How to Solve Samsung Galaxy S6’s Battery Temperature Too Low Problem

1. Send the phone back to the vendor

It might be defective product for which you can get a free replacement. If your phone is still under warranty coverage, Samsung will solve the problem for you, provided that you don’t violate its warranty policies.

2. If your phone is out of warranty coverage, you can try to disassemble the phone or to have a professional do so

Spare USB charging board for Samsung phones, among other components, is available for sale. Therefore, you can always try to replace the faulty component with a replacement.

8 thoughts on “How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S6 Battery Temperature Too Low”

  1. None of the above suggestion works for me. What I am doing now is to heat up my Galaxy S6 Edge using the fan of my laptop while charging it. So far, I do not get the “Temperature Too Low” message and it is now at 68% full. The body of my S6 was always lukewarm. In the last two days, it has been much colder than usual (like when you turn off the phone). Today was the first time I have the “Temperature Too Low” message when I tried to charge it. It did not let me charge it. I then place the S6 next to the fan of my laptop until it feels lukewarm and plugged in the charger. So far so good. It is now 70%…

  2. Funny thing is that my samsung galaxy A7 is giving me the error when i plug in Apple earphones and my charger. Then the message appears. But as soon as i take out the jack of the earplugs it starts charging. How crazy is that… so Apple doesn’t let me charge my android.

    • Wow was literally the case for me now. Except it’s random earphones. Plugged everything out and out the charger back in and now it works.
      Dropped my phone in the toilet about a week ago and just got this issue now.

  3. A lot of charging issues personally are caused by water getting into my phone. Wipe your cache by booting your phone with Power + Home + Volume Up, then turn it off and put it in a bag of rice for at least a day without using it. For me, it usually only takes 8 hours for the problems to fix but who knows what may have happened for your cases. Good luck!

  4. I got a little water on my Samsung Galaxy s6 edge and
    since it has been me the error message battery temperature to low and my phone will not charge. There really wasn’t much water that got on my device so I’m not sure why I’m receiving this message. Is there any way I can resolve this issue because I don’t have insurance ????????

  5. i get this message as i think my phone got damp and will not charge, even wirelessly (charging port wont work at all!) if i heat the phone up with my hairdryer and put it on the charging pad then it charges fine for 20mins

  6. I got the same message, but what I did was just left it on the charge n it does charge but make sure u turn off ur phone, it’ll show u the same msg but ignore ur phone n let it charge, it’ll charge eventually


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