How to Fix Poor Battery Life Problem on LG G5

Deal with Short Battery Life on LG G5 – Short battery life on LG G5 is a very annoying problem that has been reported by many users.

If the issue happens on the first couple of days after you buy it, then it’s probably nothing but a simple adjustment. But if the same problem keeps happen, then you need to look at it closer.

How to Fix Poor Battery Life Problem on LG G5

There are many things that you can try to deal with this issue. First you can reduce screen brightness that consumes battery life. Simply go to Settings > Display > Screen Timeout and reduce it the lowest level that you can accept.

Turn off anything that you basically don’t need such as GPS or Wi-Fi, WLAN, and other features from the notification area. Turning off unneeded feature will help to reduce battery consumption.

The same thing goes for the Always-on display. You probably don’t need this feature and you can turn it off from Settings > Display > Always-on display.

Your device comes with battery saving feature. Turn this feature on by go to Settings > Battery & Power Saving. It will help to save more battery power and hopefully keep the battery last longer.

It is possible that a specific app is using way too much power. Check this on by go to Settings > Battery & Power Saving > Battery Usage. Check on the list and if there is indeed an app that uses too much power, then you may want to replace it with another similar app.

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Clear up cache data may also help in this matter. Go to Settings > General > Storage > Cached Data and select “Yes” to proceed with it.

If everything doesn’t work, you can always do factory reset your device by go to Settings > General > Backup & reset > Factory data reset > Reset phone > Delete all, and choose OK. In the mean time, you can always carry a spare battery and replace the battery when you need it.

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