How to Fix Notification LED Problems on LG G5

Deal with Notification LED Issue on LG G5 – On LG G5, there are many features to be found. Those features were designed to makes people life better and easier. One among many of those features is notification LED.

Notification LED is a very simple yet useful feature where it will light up and inform the owner about the incoming message whether from default app or third party messaging app.

How to Fix Notification LED Problems on LG G5

When people see the light is up on their device, they will know that there is one or even more message await to read. They don’t have to wake up the phone and stare at the screen just to see it coming.

The thing is, this simple feature can behave and not working, at least that was some LG G5 user complained about. This is a glitch that happens to some people but not to other people.

That is not all, this glitch seems like happen with third party messaging app only and not with the default message app.

If you find that your LG G5 is acting like this, then there is a couple of ways to deal with it. You can try to work around the issue so hopefully you don’t have to deal with it anymore. Try to use specific app such as Light Flow app that allow you to set and control the notification LED on your device.

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Another app that you can try is Light Flow Lite app. This app also gives you more control on how the notification LED works. This app is available in two versions, the free version where you can give it a try and if you want to have better control, you can buy the paid version.

If you want to deal directly with the issue, then you may want to check on the notification LED setting. Go to Settings > Sound > Notification LED and make sure that this feature has turned on, on the right notification types for any incoming message.

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