How to Fix Nexus 6P Problem: Camera Software is Buggy

Some of Nexus 6P users report that they find problem about their camera photo result. Actually, Nexus 6P takes photo with a great result with high quality picture. The problem comes from the buggy camera software from Google.

The camera software often error like freezing while opening, while it tapped to edit or to share it, or other problem like the missing photos in Gallery when it searched from there.

How to Fix Nexus 6P Problem: Camera Software is Buggy

Those kinds of errors displaying photos are quite irritating because it needs more time to access your photos within your Nexus 6P. Beside the problem with the picture display, there is other report about the lacking video performance while it used to record a slow motion video recording.

There are some options to overcome those problems. To overcome the errors on the displaying photos problems, please try to reboot your phone and then see a photo using the camera software within your phone. It is quite a great idea because it works although just for contemporary.

A user claimed and reported that it works for several hours after rebooting the phone and the use the camera software again. This is quite helpful when you need to use your phone camera soon while you have this buggy camera software problem.

To overcome the errors on the lacking performance of slow motion video recordings, you can try this following option although it is still debatable. Please record the slow motion video recordings with enough light or you can choose the outdoor settings top record it.

However, it is common things that taking photos or videos are quite difficult when it in the low light condition. So, it is quite a worthy option to try this option to get the best result of slow motion video recordings. Those are some potential solutions that you can choose to overcome your Nexus 6P problems, while you can wait if Google will gives updates to fix it.

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