How to Fix Nexus 6P Problem: Battery Life is Poor

Many of Nexus 6P users report that they find problem about their phone battery. They find that their Nexus 6P battery life is poor. This problem is quite rare because actually Nexus 6P has 3450 mAh battery with new doze feature and it should has great and long battery power.

However, some users find trouble on Nexus 6P battery performance due to certain apps. This problem is quite complicated because it is not easy to find which is the problematic app when it checked by battery manager from Google.

How to Fix Nexus 6P Problem: Battery Life is Poor

It is useful for you to know that when you use Google’s Battery Saving, it is not really gives any help to your battery performance problem. It also limits your battery performance like vibrations of notifications, lighting, and other functions.

You will find it gives a little help just when you use it in your 15 or 5 percent remaining battery life, because your battery is draining quickly at that range. It is also not really important for you to get the maximum vibration, or other similar functions when your battery is already near the limit.

There are some options you can try to overcome your battery performance problem. Please try to stop the high accuracy for location services on you phone. Please tap the Settings, then tap Location, and then tap Mode then please choose Battery Saving or Device Only.

Other option is by turning off your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Scanning. Please tap the Settings, then tap Location, and please tap on three dot menu at the top right then please choose Scanning.

You also can try to wipe the device’s cache partition by turning off your Nexus 6P, then press Volume down and Power button together to turn on the phone. Please highlight Recovery Mode by taping the Volume down and select it by the Power button.

When Android mascot is appearing on your phone screen, hold down the Power button, then press and release the Volume up button quickly. Please highlight the Wipe Cache Partition option and use the Power button to select it.

The next is please highlight Yes with Volume down and use Power to select it. When the process is complete, you can select Reboot System now to reboot your device.

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