How to Fix Nexus 5X Problem: Yellow Screen

Many of Nexus 5X users report that they find problem at their phone screen. They find that their screen light color is not really normal.

Some of them mention that their phone screen is looks yellow. This problem looks clearer when the phone brightness is turned down even more.

How to Fix Nexus 5X Problem: Yellow Screen

For your information, this problem was also found at other device other than Nexus 5X before. This problem is quite irritating because it disturb the phone usage especially when it related to the screen display.

You need to take some of these following explanations as the options to overcome the problem.

There is a chance that this problem is caused by the glue or coating used when your phone was being made. If it is the same with your case, you can try to overcome this problem by cranking your phones brightness up and you can see the result after several days.

After you take this action and wait for a couple of days, please try to use it normally and see whether there is any difference. If you cannot see it clearly, you can try to turn down the phone brightness and please ensure that your problem is resolved or it still remains.

If the previous option is not working for your yellow screen problem, please try this following explanation as another option to overcome your problem. Because the problem might be caused by hardware malfunction, you can try to ask help from Google or other place that you can ask any help to overcome your problem.

You can contact Google, or carrier and retailer of your phone, and ask replacement for your problematic handset. Some users already tried this option and the reported that their problem is gone by this solution. Those are some options to overcome your Nexus 5X yellow screen problem.

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