How to Fix Nexus 5X Problem: Touchscreen Unresponsive

One of problems found by some people who use Nexus 5X is a problem on the phone touch screen. They find that the phone touch screen is unresponsive.

This problem comes when the phone is being recharged. During the charge process, a tap to the screen is not really gets a respond.

How to Fix Nexus 5X Problem: Touchscreen Unresponsive

It will load very slowly or in other occasion it will not even give any respond. This is usually happens when the phone is recharged in the Rapid Charging feature with 240v power supplies as it available in United Kingdom, or other place that have the same feature.

There are some things you can do to resolve this kind of problem. For the example, please use other charger than the original charger from LG that comes with Nexus 5X, because the original charger has a plastic grounding pin that can’t deal with rapid charging.

However, this is still an uncertain issue that you can choose this as an option or not. For your information, some users already tried this option and they reported that their problem was gone or at least reduced.

So, you can try to overcome your unresponsive touch screen problem by simply using another charger that can accept slower charging speeds. This will resolve your problem instantly.

Besides using other charger to recharge your phone battery, you still have other option to overcome your problem. That other option is by changing the power outlets that you use to recharge your phone battery.

After you change it to another power outlet, please try to tap on your phone screen and see whether there is any difference after you take that action. If it the case, may be the first power outlet you use is the one that problematic and you can simply use the other power outlet to resolve your problem simply.

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