How to Fix Nexus 5X Problem: Stutter and Lag

Some of Nexus 5X users find problem on their phone, and that is the issue about lag. Sometimes, this problem comes when the camera is used to shoot a picture, suddenly it freezing or it delays for quite a long time.

At other occasions, the problem comes when the games played in the phone. It becomes stutter and even freezing for a while before it closed by itself. This stuttering problem is not just at the games usage but also at other apps like Snapchat or other similar apps.

How to Fix Nexus 5X Problem: Stutter and Lag

There are some options you can do to overcome this kind of problem. For simple trial, please try to restart your device by pressing the Power button and hold it for a while, and choose the Power off or Restart. Some users reported that this is work for their case although it just a contemporary resolving the problem.

You also can resolve the problem by trying to wipe the device’s cache partition by turning off your Nexus 5X, then press Volume down and Power button together to turn on the phone. Please highlight Recovery Mode by taping the Volume down and select it by the Power button.

When Android mascot is appearing on your phone screen, hold down the Power button, then press and release the Volume up button quickly. Please highlight the Wipe Cache Partition option and use the Power button to select it.

The next is please highlight Yes with Volume down and use Power to select it. When the process is complete, you can select Reboot System now to reboot your device.

A phone case could be the cause of your stutter and lag problem. The phone case may causing your phone becomes overheated and the overheating problem will cause any other problem like stutter and lag or other kinds of problems. If it is the case for you, please try to remove your phone case to see whether there is any difference after you take the action.

If those options cannot help to overcome your problem, please ask help to your carrier or retailer to get the replacement of your problematic hardware.

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